The need to improve the development of slaughtering equipment standardization

The need to improve the development of slaughtering equipment standardization

With the improvement of people's living standards , consumers not only satisfied to eat , but also to eat , so those nutrient-rich , health and safety , form, color and taste , color variety and other foods favored. This requires slaughtering equipment manufacturers to develop people-oriented , more practical and safe , great variety of food processing equipment .

Slaughter equipment plays a very important role in ensuring food security, human health , environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of by-products . However , because of the traditional design methods with little regard for the environment and food safety attributes attributes will lead to a waste of resources , pollution, environment, quality and safety of processed food is difficult to obtain assurance. So we should be based on the existing foundation , market- oriented enterprises as the mainstay , broad absorption social forces to participate in order to adapt to the requirements of the development of economic globalization , and comprehensively improve the level of standardization of food machinery .

To improve the mechanical slaughtering equipment standardization must find the right direction and methods to create a variety of enterprises under the premise of multidimensional management system , strengthen intelligent manufacturing, and build synergies with independent and high quality control system.

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