Livestock slaughter plant drainage problems

        In recent years , food safety, food security especially meat included in the national agenda , and increased supervision of livestock and poultry slaughtering enterprises , the majority of enterprises in the process of updating equipment plant additions , due to funding and other factors, the project design entrusted to no meat processing unit design engineering design experience , so the majority of drainage projects do not meet food hygiene standards, the presence of ground subsidence, cracking, drainage is not smooth, easy to plug the small diameter pipes underground phenomenon , more importantly drainage design workshop is not standardized, resulting in a harsh production environment of the scene , highlighted the problem of harmful microbial growth .
        Livestock slaughter plant drainage is not a small problem, have an important impact on the safety of safe meat production . The existence of these problems not only affect the enterprise 's production, more important is the visceral excrement or harmful exudate can not get timely and effective emissions , provides a breeding ground for the breeding of harmful microbes , directly or indirectly, for meat products contamination. Therefore, the construction meets the requirements of food hygiene standards poultry processing plant, should not only have to meet the production needs of the plant and slaughtering equipment , the establishment of HACCP management system , and the re- design of the infrastructure , we must ensure hygienic processing environment , eliminating the cause microorganisms disease conditions. Among them, good drainage design and construction of livestock and poultry slaughter and processing plant is to ensure the production environment and the quality of meat products effective health measures .

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